Over 30 years Experience and Expertise in the global deployment and operating cost analysis of

Construction & Mining Equipment


Independent Mining Specialist

EarthMach is an independent used equipment dealer that commenced operations in 2000 with head offices located in Brisbane, Australia. They specialise in the acquisition and sale of used construction and mining equipment throughout the world. Their main objective is to supply quality used equipment and associated services to local, national and international construction, mining and contracting companies. 

Family Owned and Operated

+ Consultancy

This extensive mining experience has made Chris a sought-after consultant in the evaluation, utilisation and operating cost analysis of major mobile assets for the mining and construction industry.

Beyond having the right mix of mining operation expertise and business acumen, Chris possesses an unparalleled skill in overcoming the cultural, political and geographic challenges faced with the negotiation, procurement and delivery of mining equipment throughout the world. There is just about no global mining equipment procurement project that he has not undertaken often in the most challenging and inhospitable locations around the world.  

Graduating as a Civil Engineer from QUT at Brisbane in 1974, Chris Reeves began his career with an initial contract for the reconstruction of Riyadh in the harsh desert environment of Saudi Arabia in 1975. His trajectory into a distinguished career in the mining world began in the remote and perilous mine sites of Papua New Guinea. As the General Manager for Steamships Machinery in the late 1980s, Chris was introduced into the exciting and challenging world of mining equipment.

In 1990 Chris was appointed International Marketing Manager for PT United Tractors in Jakarta, the exclusive distributor of Komatsu machinery in Indonesia. An underdog in the supply of heavy equipment against the very established Caterpillar dealer at a time of rapid mining expansion, Chris distinguished himself and became somewhat of a legend in the mining equipment world securing lucrative contracts for the supply of Komatsu machinery into some of Indonesia’s largest developing mines, including Freeport Gold and many pioneering coal mine sites in Kalimantan including BHP, KPC and Thiess Indonesia. Real frontier adventures and challenges! 

Having established United Tractors as a formidable player in Indonesia’s booming mining sector, Chris returned to Australia in 1998 to head up Komatsu Queensland, developing a maverick ability to maximise asset productivity and equipment utilisation on mine sites, imperative in Australia where labour and operational overheads necessitate optimal efficiency.

Growing demand for used mining equipment around the world, coupled with his extensive network of mining equipment suppliers, compelled Chris to establish EarthMach in 2001 in partnership with Gary Salmon, the established owner of Salmon Earthmoving at Yatala in Queensland. As a family owned and operated company, EarthMach began its mission to provide independent and dependable acquisition and procurement services for mining equipment wherever it was needed around the world, no matter how challenging or remote the location.

With university degree qualifications in Civil Engineering and Business, and an extensive working career spanning 6 continents, there is literally no mining project or equipment procurement challenge Chris cannot meet.